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What is IP Address

IP (Internet Protocol) Address is an identifier of a device connected to the internet to facilitate communication of data over the internet. The format looks like 123.456.789.012

To put it simply, it is like an address of your home, and thus you can receive letters by post. But this is for the computers to communicate with each other.

Why Do You Need To Know

When you restart your modem/router at home, usually the public IP address will change unless you have specifically subscribed for a static IP address. Therefore it is useful to check what is your current IP address, as this can be used for online gaming purposes, check if you connection to a VPN or proxy server is successful, server development, etc.

There are 2 versions: IPv4, and IPv6. The maximum number of unique addresses for IPv4 is 4,294,967,296 (232). This is less than the total number of population in the world. If everyone has at least 1 device connected to the internet, there is not enough addresses for all of them. But for IPv6, there are 2128 different addresses. This will be more than enough for the forseeable future, but currently, most people are still using IPv4.


IP Address is usually public. While for general users of the internet an IP address means nothing and harmless, sometimes there are hackers who are just attacking random addresses, looking for vulnerabilities. Firewalls and and security softwares are recommended for those that are running servers on their computers, like a game server, website server, etc.

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