Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Rampage in anger. Quiet calm, your heart knows not. Friends, we cannot be.
Akira Auto Oh how delightful, when a friend comes from afar...
Akuma Auto Reaching for heaven. Ascend beyond, rise above. Even the sky, falls.
Alex Auto The large fish struggles. The pond cannot contain him. The ocean awaits.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto A love for fortune. Fortune knows no love for man. A quick road to ruin.
Birdie Auto To find joy is bliss. To overindulge, madness. Balance, not flavor.
Blanka Auto The wilderness, home... A mother's touch sorely missed...
Cammy Auto Foe who become friend. Now seeks to protect her friends. A heart-warming tale.
Chun Li Auto A flower blossoms. Its petals wither and fall. Lovely, such is life.
Cody Auto A strong man reformed... A violent past follows...
Dan Auto Desperate antics, a soul seeking attention...
Dhalsim Auto Wherever you go, go with all your heart, my friend. A journey most sound.
E Honda Auto The cherry blossoms may not be seen by all, but they are still beautiful.
Ed Auto Body, not your own. But the soul is free to fly. Journey with the wind.
Falke Auto Memories of pain... You strive to overcome them. Your fight rages on...
Fang Auto All that lives, surely one day will decay, but this... Is all nature's choice.
G Auto Form is emptiness, for this world is but fleeting. You too lack substance.
Gill Auto You know you're gonna lose, right?
Guile Auto Heart that seeks revenge. Cold, is thy retribution. Forgiveness, is warm.
Ibuki Auto A daily lesson. Meet a new you, everyday. Such is growth, young lass.
Juri Auto Suffering is pain. In pain, you will not find joy. Your sadness, profound.
Kage Auto To know death is to know life.
Karin Auto Your wards know thy hand. A fair maiden's lovely smile, shall strike the heart true.
Ken Auto Bold though you mau be, caution, throw not to the wind. A steady flame burns.
Kolin Auto Once I have beheld. Maiden of a frozen heart. Saddest sight to see.
Laura Auto Oh, spicy flower. Full of zest and love of life. Dangerous temptress.
Lucia Auto Consider in private; report in public.
Luke Auto Lesson's bitter tears, from child eyes to memory. So blooms the adult.
M Bison Auto A steady hand guides. Inspiration comes from love. Truly, you lack both.
Menat Auto Gaze at the beyond. You will not see what is near. Life, fleeting fancy.
Nash Auto That which lives, must die. Death, we are reborn anew. Your sooul, trapped between.
Necalli Auto Beast that knows no bounds. Appetite for destruction. Impossible life.
Oro Auto A wise old soul departs this world, leaving no trace of his legacy...
Poison Auto Friendship, like wine, flourishes with age.
R Mika Auto Young and full of life. The future, still a long road. My heart, envious.
Rashid Auto Wealth, for lack of want. A curious soul travels. What do you seek, friend?
Rose Auto The unusual gives rise to the untoward...
Ryu Auto Oh weary warrior, your strength lies within your soul. Friends help guide the way.
Sagat Auto To stave off conflict, you must first clear your own heart. Examine yourself.
Sakura Auto Oh sweet days of spring, never-ending, shall you be. This I would not mind.
Seth Auto Masterless puppet...a piece of driftwood an empty sea...
Urien Auto To care for subjects. The duty of all good kings. You honor no one.
Vega Auto Everywhere, truly. Beauty is found in all things. Your mask blinds your sight.
Zangief Auto Warrior and mentor. A heart most noble and true. Muscles formed of steel.
Zeku Auto Thy harshest critic, lies from within...face thy faults. To others, shoe grace.
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