Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto At this rate, you will only lose muscle...
Akira Auto You and brother make good team! Now you train to get muscles like me!
Akuma Auto Someone's been slacking off, I see! You make some nice attacks, but you still need more muscles!
Alex Auto Come at me harder next time! We're all equals in the ring!
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto I can throw even a raging bull! That is virtue of muscle!
Birdie Auto Well? Did my special training help you burn belly fat?
Blanka Auto You fight like a bear, but even that's not enough to beat me!
Cammy Auto Frowning so much will give you wrinkles! Always remember to smile!
Chun Li Auto Your kicks are sharp like always! But, they still lack power!
Cody Auto On the streets or in the ring, my muscles never let me down!
Dan Auto You get crushed, but you get up. You are full of spirit, comrade.
Dhalsim Auto I'll catch you! I'll throw you! Stretchy limbs or not!
E Honda Auto You are powerful, comrade! Pulverizing you was great pleasure!
Ed Auto You are young, so you have much potential! Come with me to gym, comrade!
Falke Auto You fought well despite such puny muscles. Is it because of your Psycho Power?
Fang Auto A honed body can resist poison! Remember the greatness of muscle!
G Auto Power of Earth? Hah! Is nothing compared to power of mother Russia!
Gill Auto You may be strong and flashy... But you're just kind of boring!
Guile Auto ou should learn Cossack dance! It's good for fighters who crouch a lot!
Ibuki Auto Your punches are too soft! Too soft even for training!
Juri Auto Confident attacks are good, but you cannot win without power!
Kage Auto My muscle may grow weak, but motherland always strong!
Karin Auto Truly you are strong, friend, but you need more muscle!
Ken Auto Power beats speed! Muscle beats fire! That is the key to getting strong!
Kolin Auto Gyah hah hah! You are a tropical breeze compared to the blizzards we get back home!
Laura Auto Your moves are sharper than before! You must have trained much, Laura!
Lucia Auto You have friend powerful like me? Hah! Tell them I see them in the ring!
Luke Auto You need less games and more strength training! Haha!
M Bison Auto I put an end to your treachery for all those that love our country!
Menat Auto I will also give fortune insight! Protein and muscle training will always lead to victory!
Nash Auto Straighten your back! Hunching will get you deformed muscles!
Necalli Auto If you want to eat something, why not some borscht? It's delicious!
Oro Auto You have good skill, tiny man. But no strength! Gahaha!
Poison Auto
R Mika Auto You've come a long way, Mika! All that muscle training has paid off!
Rashid Auto This body of steel is immovable, no matter how strong the wind blows.
Rose Auto I am Red Cyclone, both now and in future!
Ryu Auto You shouldn't take hermit life so seriously! Rustic diet won't do your muscles any favors!
Sagat Auto Horosho! Good fight. It all came down to training difference.
Sakura Auto My, your skills have certainly progressed! But still not on the level of my glorious iron body!
Seth Auto Want more data? Fine! I pound your head again!
Urien Auto For a king, you sure are lacking in the muscle department!
Vega Auto You don't see the benefit of big trapezius? You have no sense!
Zangief Auto You have great, rippling muscles! Horosho!
Zeku Auto This ninjutsu of yours, very interesting! Next time, try attacking with more power!
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