Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto I simply have no words for a disgusting oversized meat sack.
Akira Auto Love and friendship are crutches for those without true beauty.
Akuma Auto Victory is meaningless without beauty. What you need is elegance.
Alex Auto Sophistication is so far beyond you, there's no point in letting you live.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Your dying shriek grates my ears. Annoying to the very, very last.
Birdie Auto Your ugly swollen body doesn't bear looking at. Get away from me!
Blanka Auto What a truly uncouth beast you are... You're not even fit to be a rug beneath my feet!
Cammy Auto Your delusions, your despair... They all belong to me now.
Chun Li Auto Bathing in your blood will be the best beauty treatment of all!
Cody Auto A brainless brute like you cannot even begin to fathom true beauty.
Dan Auto Ugh, you're hideous... I am at a loss for words.
Dhalsim Auto Even the gods themselves bow down before my beauty.
E Honda Auto Ugh... How dare you sully my claws!
Ed Auto That power...and those moves. How thoroughly unpleasant. Be gone from my sight.
Falke Auto You seem to be a cut above the other Dolls... I wonder if you will be able to amuse me?
Fang Auto Filthy maggot, I will send you to your grave.
G Auto Such revolting form... Lamentable!
Gill Auto My beauty is still supreme! Don't get carried away with yourself!
Guile Auto What a revolting haircut. It baffles the mind, really.
Ibuki Auto You're lacking in both speed and beauty. Is this all Japan's ninjas have to offer?
Juri Auto There's value in beauty born from chaos, but it's not what I'm after.
Kage Auto How dare you sully the name of death?
Karin Auto Your integrity is a fresh flavor for me to relish!
Ken Auto Your technique lacks finesse. It's utterly nauseating.
Kolin Auto I will carve you into something beautiful. And I'll cut up that weak little heart of yours while I'm at it.
Laura Auto What a pity. You look good, but you do not understand true beauty.
Lucia Auto Hmph. A pig could never comprehend true beauty.
Luke Auto Yet another fool who could never understand true beauty...
M Bison Auto Thus a demon meets his end... What a disappointment.
Menat Auto It is only natural that victory is decided by beauty. So of course, only I can be the victor.
Nash Auto I would sooner take death over the embarrassment of looking like you.
Necalli Auto Squalid beast. I will cut out your soul.
Oro Auto Ugh. Look at you. You're the opposite of fine wine.
Poison Auto Trampled and yet you bloom. A rare flower indeed.
R Mika Auto Even your death throes lack grace. Such an obnoxious tone.
Rashid Auto Your thoughtless moves don't amuse me.
Rose Auto The passage of time leads to nothing but destruction. What could be more beautiful?
Ryu Auto Disappointing... I imagined the man M. Bison speaks of to be more fun.
Sagat Auto Ugly as ever... We're worlds apart. I never liked you.
Sakura Auto You are worthy of being carved up by my claw. You should be honored.
Seth Auto What a pitiful husk! The only thing beautiful you could die!
Urien Auto I doubt a society built by the ugly could possibly contain the beauty I seek.
Vega Auto Imitation can never be true beauty, no matter how you may try.
Zangief Auto Your form is so uncultivated. It's no wonder you lost.
Zeku Auto I was hoping to enjoy a fight against a traditional ninja art. But your techniques are lacking in elegance.
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