Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto I'll forgive your insolence by taking that body of yours.
Akira Auto I deal all the justice 'round here. The painful kind.
Akuma Auto If you value your life at all, I suggest you get out of my sight.
Alex Auto Let me teach you something: Your naivety will be the death of you!
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto A fool knows only foolery! You shall rot away right here!
Birdie Auto You are nothing more than a pig. Repent of your foolishness after you die.
Blanka Auto I show no mercy to vile creatures such as you.
Cammy Auto The weak protecting the weak... Your arrogance is astonishing!
Chun Li Auto The governance of the ignorant has no bearing on me! I am reason itself!
Cody Auto Consider this your punishment, you cretin.
Dan Auto I suffer no fools!
Dhalsim Auto Believe in me, not your gods, for I have transcended them all!
E Honda Auto None can defy a supreme king! Now begone!
Ed Auto Insolent pest! You have no business even being in my presence!
Falke Auto So you're a remnant of that dark organization? You might be of some use to me after all.
Fang Auto I am the only one you should worship! There is nothing else!
G Auto You lead the world? Tell me another one, clown!
Gill Auto Watch me, Gill!
Guile Auto Losers have always faded away. Foolish armies and foolish soldiers alike!
Ibuki Auto In over your head, little rat? Such disrespect will not be forgiven!
Juri Auto Imbecile! I am the chosen king! Did you think I would rise to the provocations of a minnow like you?
Kage Auto Begone! A king would never lose to a shadow!
Karin Auto Only a fool writhes in the anguish of defeat! My victory was destined!
Ken Auto Such a lowly imbecile cannot hope to comprehend my greatness!
Kolin Auto You picked the wrong opponent in me, you filthy little rodent!
Laura Auto Do not be so pretentious! Your electricity belongs in my hands.
Lucia Auto Miserable dog! There is no greater crime than opposing me!
Luke Auto Mindless sheep! How dare you speak of strength?!
M Bison Auto I never fail. Do not compare a peasant like yourself to me!
Menat Auto You have the nerve to try and tell me about the future?! That is for me to decide, you impudent whelp!
Nash Auto Filthy, ignorant aberration! You will only ever taste defeat!
Necalli Auto You refuse to follow me, freak of nature. Slither back into your dark abyss!
Oro Auto Put yourself out of your misery, you decrepit fool!
Poison Auto Fool! Your pleas for life will go unheeded!
R Mika Auto Do not wail, little one. You should watch your mouth in the presence of the king.
Rashid Auto You dare show such insolence to me! Such a crime is punishable by death!
Rose Auto Enough of your tricks! Bow before your king!
Ryu Auto What is there to be hesitant about? All you need to do is obey me!
Sagat Auto Common scum can never be king!
Sakura Auto Know your place, commoner!
Seth Auto Out of my sight, defect! I won't waste any more time with you!
Urien Auto How did you replicate my form? Who paid you to come here?
Vega Auto That a fool like you even tries to speak of appearances is laughable!
Zangief Auto My body is perfection! You are merely a useless lump of meat!
Zeku Auto You dared challenge me with such frivolous techniques? Your foolishness is absurd!
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