Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Your crude movements are of no value to me.
Akira Auto Guts... Passion... What wonderful data!
Akuma Auto All will bow before the indomitable Seth!
Alex Auto Your power will serve me well!
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Your pathetic organization is no more! Bwahaha!
Birdie Auto Data discarded. Unnecessary.
Blanka Auto I do not require data on feral creatures.
Cammy Auto I expected more from the missing Doll...
Chun Li Auto Hah. You have provided ample data. Well done.
Cody Auto Your techniques are mine now, street thug.
Dan Auto Unnecessary data. Deleting...
Dhalsim Auto Mystical techniques? Bwahaha! I know them all!
E Honda Auto Sumo data. Compressing files...
Ed Auto
Falke Auto
Fang Auto Your tricks will not work on me!
G Auto You speak nonsense! I rule this world!
Gill Auto My name is Seth. Your name is irrelevant. Bow down before me!
Guile Auto You had potential. That potential is now mine!
Ibuki Auto Your speed is no match for a machine, little girl!
Juri Auto You will serve me and ONLY me!
Kage Auto Your instability is laughable!
Karin Auto You and all other fighters will kneel before me!
Ken Auto I am not impressed.
Kolin Auto This world belongs to me. You are nothing but a bit of data!
Laura Auto You will live on as data in my memory banks!
Lucia Auto I decide the law and order of this world!
Luke Auto New data found. Adding to database...
M Bison Auto Personality failure detected.
Menat Auto he only future... is my future! Bwahahaha!
Nash Auto I will put your data to good use!
Necalli Auto I detect power, but it is difficult to convert into data.
Oro Auto Magnificent! Senjutsu framework integration complete.
Poison Auto You amuse me, woman!
R Mika Auto Amusing techniques! I will make them mine!
Rashid Auto More! I must assimilate even more techniques!
Rose Auto Soul Power data not found. Adding to database...
Ryu Auto I am the true martial arts master!
Sagat Auto My data says you are an emperor. Nonsense!
Sakura Auto You display a slither of potential.
Seth Auto NEVER call me by my number!
Urien Auto I am Seth, the one true king!
Vega Auto I don't need data on narcissism.
Zangief Auto Power measured. Results: unimpressive.
Zeku Auto Impressive. Committing techniques to memory.
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