Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Fighting these big guys really tires me out. Maybe I should try a little weightlifting...
Akira Auto You've still got it, Akira! Alright, I'm ready for another round!
Akuma Auto Is this what it means to become strong? I may have to start rethinking some things...
Alex Auto I can feel your desire to get stronger. I love fights like these.
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Balrog Auto I thought your punches were pretty good, actually. I definitely did not want to get hit by one of those.
Birdie Auto I know adding weight makes for an advantage, but... It's not exactly fitting for a swimsuit.
Blanka Auto No roughhousing in the store, Jimmy! I'll get yelled at by the manager!
Cammy Auto Yeah, that was a good fight! Fighting isn't always about life and death, ya'know!
Chun Li Auto Your kicks are just as beautiful as ever. Let's do this again sometime soon!
Cody Auto You're into underground street fighting, aren't you? I could tell by your moves.
Dan Auto We all have to grow up eventually. How about it, Dan?
Dhalsim Auto You get weirder every time I see you. Are you sure this is yoga?!
E Honda Auto Me become a sumo wrestler? No. Freaking. Way.
Ed Auto Foul-mouthed and straightforward... Kind of like a child.
Falke Auto There's something familiar about your power... I bet you'll get a lot stronger if you try real hard to control it.
Fang Auto And the victory is mine! ...But hey, that means you got second place!
G Auto Cool cosplay, I guess. You s posed to be a president or something?
Gill Auto The worries of the world melt away in a fight.
Guile Auto Your moves are as refined as ever. But hey, I'm no slouch either, right?
Ibuki Auto Seems like your training is pretty difficult. And sorry, I don't know any guys I could introduce you to..
Juri Auto I like fighting, sure... But you and I are most certainly nothing alike.
Kage Auto Whoa... I've gotta make sure I don't end up like you.
Karin Auto Hmm, let's see...I think I'm in the lead now for our battle total.
Ken Auto Hehehe, so what do you think? You're not the only one who can rival him!
Kolin Auto Wow, so cold! I guess this is what they call an eternal winter?
Laura Auto What did you say your style was, Matsuda? I'll check it out!
Lucia Auto Oh no! I beat up a cop! I can't go to prison! I have homework to hand in!!
Luke Auto You learn a thing or two when you follow someone really strong!
M Bison Auto What's with the scary face... I won't be intimidated by you.
Menat Auto Fortune telling? Sure, I'll give it a try, I guess.
Nash Auto There is definitely something different about you...
Necalli Auto Huh? What? Leave me off your dinner plate, thank you very much!
Oro Auto Wait, you're Ryu's master now?! Now way. Nah, I don't believe it. You can't be. Nope, nope, nope.
Poison Auto Pro-wrestling? I wanna get a job, but not that badly.
R Mika Auto Flashy techniques are interesting, but I gotta admit, it's not really my thing.
Rashid Auto Wind power? I've never seen that before. Fighting with all sorts of people really is fun!
Rose Auto Hey, if you can read fortunes, you can tell me when I'll get a better job, right?
Ryu Auto Thank you very much! I feel like I've learned something.
Sagat Auto Yeah! Victory for Sakura! The crowd goes wild!
Sakura Auto For better or worse, this is me.
Seth Auto We fought before, right? But you seem kinda different...
Urien Auto I don't like people who act all high and mighty. I deal with enough of those customers at work.
Vega Auto I don't like people who act all high and mighty. I deal with enough of those customers at work.
Zangief Auto As always, such overwhelming pressure! I'm glad you're one of the good guys!
Zeku Auto Whoa! How'd you age so fast like that!
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