Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto See where brute strength alone has gotten you?!
Akira Auto You may be the top dog in your circle, but in the eyes of an emperor you're nothing but a peasant!
Akuma Auto I know the power you seek, but the king shall not walk that path.
Alex Auto If you seek strength, then you're a long way from achieving it!
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto You disgust me... But it takes guts to face the king. I'll give you that... But only that.
Birdie Auto Go and train. Or would you rather die a fool?
Blanka Auto You think your claws and fangs can threaten the king? Ha! You're like a little kitten!
Cammy Auto Is that it? You're not even fit to be Willa Maiu's plaything!
Chun Li Auto Never give up challenging me.
Cody Auto How dare you challenge the king with your slovenly attitude?!
Dan Auto I only accept worthy challengers. Why did you think you could challenge me?
Dhalsim Auto I don't look to the gods for meaning in battle. Being king is meaning enough!
E Honda Auto Where is your fighter's spirit?! Show me or leave now!
Ed Auto Why emulate that fool of a man? Stand on your own two feet!
Falke Auto To protect, you need strength.
Fang Auto Get out of my sight, scheming wretch!
G Auto My fights are my own. They belong to the king, and no other!
Gill Auto You call yourself an emperor? You aren't deserving of that title!
Guile Auto Still wanting to fight? Then stand!
Ibuki Auto You'll need more than jumps to surpass the king!
Juri Auto Enough whinning! Face your own weakness!
Kage Auto It will take more than you to break the will of a king.
Karin Auto Call yourself a noble? With that attitude? Don't make me laugh!
Ken Auto Only those who hone their skills and power can challenge the king. Can you call yourself worthy?
Kolin Auto You have no right to appear before the king while blinded by power.
Laura Auto If you don't fear the king, then I suggest working on your own tecnique, and challenging me again!
Lucia Auto Your resolve is weak! Your moves are all weak!
Luke Auto I've walked my path much longer than you have yours.
M Bison Auto It's over. You and I will never share the same path again.
Menat Auto Hmph, I don't care for predictions. A king is prepared for anything!
Nash Auto You need more than blind obsession to stand a chance against me!
Necalli Auto Devour a king?! Impossible!
Oro Auto Know your place, old man. Did you really think you could beat me?
Poison Auto Your fighting is all show and no substance!
R Mika Auto Fighting is not for show! Never forget that!
Rashid Auto The fist of the king can shatter even the wind!
Rose Auto Let fate decide whatever it wants; I will always be emperor.
Ryu Auto I know the path you walk... But now I stand in your way.
Sagat Auto No one can defeat me.
Sakura Auto Refine your techniques, and seek your own path.
Seth Auto You are the shed skin of a snake. May the earth consume you.
Urien Auto Foolish arrogance. How dare you look down on the king!
Vega Auto It's repulsive to drown one's soul in beauty and strength. Wake up, fool.
Zangief Auto Work less on your muscles and more on your heart. With a heart of steel, you can't be kept down.
Zeku Auto You use strange techniques... But even with only one eye, I can see through them.
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