Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Brute force is doomed to fail against one who sees all.
Akira Auto Ahaha. It seems your brother is more interested in another training excursion.
Akuma Auto The pursuit of power beyond the reach of the human realm costs more than you could ever imagine.
Alex Auto Unless you confront the threat that lies before you, you will never awaken your true power.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Hands that grasp at all around them will lose touch with what matters.
Birdie Auto Gluttony harms the body. You don't need to be a fortune teller to see that.
Blanka Auto This Blanka-chan doll has been well received... Indeed fate is not without its whimsy.
Cammy Auto Fix your eyes on the past and you miss the future. Perhaps you knew that already.
Chun Li Auto In pursing a certain individual, you invite the company of danger.
Cody Auto Your past, present, and future selves are all connected.
Dan Auto Folly is the mask worn by the... Hmmm, I see no harm in you walking your own path.
Dhalsim Auto You can sense it too, can you not? This immense power and where it leads...
E Honda Auto A large bathhouse may be tempting to some, but I prefer to bathe alone.
Ed Auto I see potential in you. I hope you will make the right choice when the time comes.
Falke Auto I see your fates were twisted by his cruel hands.
Fang Auto Far deadlier than the poison you wield is the loyalty you pledge to your leader.
G Auto Your card is The World. The power you wield foretells of... *gasp*
Gill Auto I can see time flow within you. The history of your society perhaps?
Guile Auto Some look for trouble, while for others trouble finds them.
Ibuki Auto Naivety has great potential. I see opportunities to better yourself in your future.
Juri Auto Your eye foretells of a bleak and tragic future. You are being used.
Kage Auto Every light casts a shadow, but that shadow can never eclipse the light from where it came.
Karin Auto While I see you possess great power, you must learn to wield it.
Ken Auto Your passion burns like the midday sun. But what will you do when nighttime approaches?
Kolin Auto I see you lying in the snow weeping... Nothing has changed since then.
Laura Auto Continue along your current path and you will find what you seek.
Lucia Auto Something troubles you, but I would focus on your profession if I were you.
Luke Auto A new card... I am interested in what role you will play in the world's future...
M Bison Auto I can see it... I can see your future, and it ends here and now!
Menat Auto To know fate is to battle with the future. Seers of the future must carry those words with them.
Nash Auto You are prepared to sacrifice body and soul for your cause. It's not up to me to stop you.
Necalli Auto Return, creature. Return to the distant time from which you came.
Oro Auto I may need your guidance again when the time comes, Master Oro.
Poison Auto Even if I told you your future could be a field of roses, you would turn away.
R Mika Auto The path you walk is simple and as straight as an arrow.
Rashid Auto The winds blow strong, but I see where they lead.
Rose Auto As a seer of the future, only I can do what must be done. It is my destiny.
Ryu Auto Your path will take you on a journey greater than you realize. That is what I envision.
Sagat Auto Your eyes shall always be fixated on ever loftier peaks.
Sakura Auto Discipline, friendship, and connection... You seem to have chosen a fine path to walk.
Seth Auto So this, too, is the work of Bison's twisted mind....
Urien Auto Your card, the King of Wands, is reversed. You undermine your own autonomy.
Vega Auto Those who understand true beauty would not find it in you.
Zangief Auto I would read your fortune, if there were a need. But you seem well aware of your fate.
Zeku Auto Your technique reminds me of... I see. So you're his master...
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