Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Large and unwieldy... Hey, just like old-school electronics!
Akira Auto That fight was hardly worth getting up for. Hey, bro, I wanna fight you next time.
Akuma Auto Turn that frown upside-down, buddy! You know what they say, "Smile and the world smiles with you"!
Alex Auto You live in a big city and don't even have internet?
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Money...? What do you even do with your money? That's the more important question.
Birdie Auto Food? Are you hungry? We should grab a bite together!
Blanka Auto Blanka...chan? Ha ha! You definitely look like some sort of mascot, that's for sure.
Cammy Auto Calm down! I'm not going to harm your friends!
Chun Li Auto Searching for loved ones is hard. You just don't know when to stop.
Cody Auto So, you went from behind bars to behind a desk, huh? Man, that's quite an upgrade!
Dan Auto Wait, I wasn't recording...?! Oh well. Not like you were gonna bring in the views anyway.
Dhalsim Auto How do you do that with your arms? Yoga? You've got to be joking!
E Honda Auto Oh yeah. Before I forget; damn nice bathhouse, man!
Ed Auto You seem troubled. Wanna talk about it? I'm willing to listen!
Falke Auto I know life's not all fun and games, but you gotta hit the off switch every once in a while, you know?
Fang Auto You're Shadaloo's elite, right? Tell me where my friend is!
G Auto This "Let's Fight" videos is gonna get some views!
Gill Auto Harmony... I can't say for sure, but I don't think it's that easy to find.
Guile Auto Interesting hair. Does it help you with that move you just pulled off?
Ibuki Auto Do you just lug around a bunch of kunai, or do you pick them up later?
Juri Auto I think your "games" are a little too difficult for me.
Kage Auto Y'know...I wanna understand power, but I'm not ready what you're sellin'.
Karin Auto Whoa there, take it easy! I don't think I could beat you again.
Ken Auto If mine is the turbulent wind, is yours the burning hurricane?
Kolin Auto How'd you summon ice like that? C'mon, tell me! It'd come in real handy in the desert heat!
Laura Auto Wait, everyone emits electricity where you come from? Seriously!?
Lucia Auto Man, if my followers saw me fight a cop... Ugh. Flame war...
Luke Auto You might be better at FPS games than me, but I outmatched your guns here!
M Bison Auto I win. Now return my friend! That's all I ask
Menat Auto Hey, I was wondering... What kind of battery is that crystal ball running on? Where can I get one?
Nash Auto You can only keep moving forward. Forget about the past.
Necalli Auto What an amazing transformation! I should've taken a video.
Oro Auto What's "Senjutsu"? Is it trending? I bet it gets mad views on streams!
Poison Auto Don't underestimate me. I'm a man on a mission, baby!
R Mika Auto So you're a professional wrestler. Me? I'm sort of a...wandering hero.
Rashid Auto You look just like me! let's take a picture together and put it online!
Rose Auto You're a babe, but this whole "strict teacher" thing you got going on is kinda harshing my style.
Ryu Auto You seek the meaning of battle? You're funny! And a little odd.
Sagat Auto Man, you're pretty tough. Guess that's why they call you king. Strange world, huh?
Sakura Auto A fighting high-school student? Man, that's straight outta the comic book pages. ...Oh, you're in university now? Ah, my bad.
Seth Auto What's your product number? Your manufacturer should know they're sending out defects.
Urien Auto A friend of mine told me all the true greats are greatly humble.
Vega Auto I'm uh... sorry if I wounded your aesthetic beauty, or something.
Zangief Auto Grandp- wait, you're not him... You're Azam's friend, right? You look like my grandfather.
Zeku Auto Whoa! That reverthing your age trick is pretty cool! Mind if I take a video and post it on my wall?
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