Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name

R Mika

vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto You were REALLY heavy, but I still threw ya!
Akira Auto I'm lovin' your hot-blooded heroine persona! If you wanna throw down again, I'm game!
Akuma Auto You're a fighting legend?! I'm glad I got the chance to go toe-to-toe with you!
Alex Auto I've been in the ring longer than you! You won't get a three-count on me so easily!
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto I want power too, but not if it means I have to stick to the same routine.
Birdie Auto I can barely even throw you! Just how much do you weigh?
Blanka Auto Your "wild child" persona is great! Now you just need some cool moves to get the crowd behind you!
Cammy Auto Delta Red? Cool name! It sounds like some sort of an organization!
Chun Li Auto Thanks for all your guidance! The pros sure are a cut above!
Cody Auto You've got pretty ferocious attacks! I bet you'd make a great heel!
Dan Auto Not exactly putting the "Style" in Saikyo-Style, huh?
Dhalsim Auto Fire breathing AND levitation? Authentic yoga is awesome!
E Honda Auto It's not "butt sumo"! It's called "Shooting Peach"!
Ed Auto Get up already! We gotta pump up the crowd after a fight!
Falke Auto You got some sweet moves, but they feel a little...stiff. You should try smiling some more!
Fang Auto You got a nice spray on that poison mist! You must've practiced a lot!
G Auto President of the World? You need a better character. Who's your manager?
Gill Auto Glory and victory are not given... You must earn them yourself.
Guile Auto I'm a pro, too! A pro wrestler! I'll show you my skills in the ring!
Ibuki Auto You're not strong enough! Let me train you. Our first session will be jogging on the beach!
Juri Auto Is that eye patch meant to be a handicap? Don't underestimate me!
Kage Auto Guys like you should probably stay outta the light.
Karin Auto You might be my sponsor, but in the ring, we're equal!
Ken Auto Pretty sweet moves! Can you teach me, too?
Kolin Auto No normal person can control ice like that... You're like a real-life yeti!
Laura Auto Your throw really bruised me! Let's grapple again!
Lucia Auto No way! You're friends with freakin' MIKE "MACHO" HAGGAR?!
Luke Auto Does your MMA stand for "Military Martial Arts" or something? Not bad, whatever it is!
M Bison Auto You really don't learn, do you? Can't get fans being so bullheaded!
Menat Auto My future is to head to the top! Of course! And every fight is an important step on the ladder up!
Nash Auto Those scars look super real! Wait, that's not body paint?!
Necalli Auto The crowd won't get excited if all you do is scream.
Oro Auto I've gotta learn to throw people with one arm, too!
Poison Auto So you're a wrestler, trainer, AND promoter?! Outta this world!
R Mika Auto You've got some guts to copy me! Where are you affiliated?
Rashid Auto You're looking for your friend? My teammates might know something!
Rose Auto My future's just me going straight into the ring, then straight home to train!
Ryu Auto You have these battles sometimes.. Like you're fighting with yourself.
Sagat Auto Wow! You've really been training! I'm gonna do the same and then some!
Sakura Auto Miss Sakura, your moves are really showy! With a little more training, you could be a wrestler!
Seth Auto You can't steal people's moves, y'know. You gotta practice your own!
Urien Auto I'm aiming for the top too! Wait, what industry are you in?
Vega Auto That was a cool jump! I wanna try it from the top turnbuckle!
Zangief Auto Master Zangief! Did you see that? I didn't hold back, not one bit!
Zeku Auto Wow, there sure are a lot of different types of ninjutsu! I learned something new today.
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