Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto You should trade spot checks on cars, for the spotlight and superstars.
Akira Auto All this guts and passion stuff you got ain't bad. Tell your blockhead bro I said so.
Akuma Auto Fight to entertain, not to the death.
Alex Auto Not bad. You lack experience. When you become a real man, come find me.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto You're more show off than show biz.
Birdie Auto Look at you! Just begging to be whipped into shape!
Blanka Auto Awww, who's a good boy... Yes, you are! C'mere you adorable bundle of fluff!
Cammy Auto For someone who wears a leotard, you're waaay too uptight.
Chun Li Auto I heard you were a strong kicker, but the real kicker is: this was a waste of time.
Cody Auto Hmph. You only come to life when you fight. You're wasting your time being a mayor.
Dan Auto Just lookin' at you makes me wanna whip you
Dhalsim Auto What good's enlightenment when it collapses at the crack of a whip?
E Honda Auto Hmm... "Sumo pro-wrestling." That could work!
Ed Auto I like your style, but that attitude has to go.
Falke Auto Hmmm... Nah. That scowl wouldn't go down well with the audience...
Fang Auto At some point, you've gotta drop the bad boy act. Trust me.
G Auto Hmph. Some president. Might be an interesting character for the ring, though...
Gill Auto Well, aren't you flashy? You're what now? A savior?
Guile Auto Do you ever stop talking about battlefields? Change the record already!
Ibuki Auto What's with all the bouncing around? You on a sugar high, little girl?
Juri Auto You like pain, right? Then you must love my whip.
Kage Auto Do yourself a favor and quit the edgy "death" stuff. Not sexy.
Karin Auto Money talks, but when I meet people like you I realize talk is cheap.
Ken Auto Tough break, pretty boy. You kept your looks, but lost your game.
Kolin Auto Let's face it: I'm too hot for you.
Laura Auto Now that's a winning smile! How about working for me?
Lucia Auto Trust me, sister. My bad days are behind me.
Luke Auto Such a cutie. How about we test your manliness back at my place?
M Bison Auto I like your over-the-top dictator shtick. You'd make a great heel.
Menat Auto I don't need your crystal ball. I already know I'm gonna make it big!
Nash Auto Quit acting like you're the only one who has it tough.
Necalli Auto "Devour," "devour," "devour"... Jeez. Get a dictionary already.
Oro Auto Oh, you poor old-timer. Was I too much for you to handle?
Poison Auto I am who I am. And I'm damn proud of it!
R Mika Auto Yeah, you got the idea! What's a fight without a show?!
Rashid Auto What's with the wind crap, airhead?
Rose Auto I do things my way, so if anyone's changin' my future, it's yours truly!
Ryu Auto Ugh. Still trying to play it cool. You'll never make a pro wrestler.
Sagat Auto Hmm... I don't think you have the personality to be king of the wrestling ring.
Sakura Auto How about swapping textbooks for left hooks in the ring?
Seth Auto Loving that shiny body. You can't be human though.
Urien Auto You can run along. I don't have time for guys with massive egos.
Vega Auto I know we both value beauty. but the way you do it is seriously ugly.
Zangief Auto You were born to be in the ring! I can see it now! "The Raging Russian!"
Zeku Auto One minute you're old; next minute you're young... What's your secret?"
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