Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto You have a lot of horsepower in those arms, but I have more in just one of mine.
Akira Auto Guts, passion, friendship...? Oh, the whimsy of youth!
Akuma Auto I have surpassed you, and it will take more than a hundred years for you to catch up.
Alex Auto You're rough around the edges, but you have potential. See me in twenty years and I'll train you.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Your punches lack strength. Perhaps you should put some more effort into your training.
Birdie Auto Care to try the Senjutsu diet? It's simple: just don't eat anything for about a year.
Blanka Auto Your wild instincts have clued you in to who's stronger between the two of us...
Cammy Auto No need to be so upright, my dear. Here, you can pet my turtle.
Chun Li Auto So you pursue Bison too... He certainly commands a lot of hate, doesn't he?
Cody Auto Only a childish man resorts to using knives and stones to fight his opponent.
Dan Auto Hahaha! You are a barrel of laughs! I wouldn't say you're good, but you're certainly amusing!
Dhalsim Auto If you're going to extend your arm length, then maybe I should use two hands! Oho ho!
E Honda Auto You're quite agile, jumping and bouncing around like that. Sumo wrestling seems fun!
Ed Auto You've picked up some bad habits, and don't know how to properly wield your power.
Falke Auto Hmm... So Bison is to blame for this. Fear not, child. You'll be just fine.
Fang Auto Oh, that was poison you were using? I've eaten curries that pack more punch.
G Auto I don't know who you are, but you appear to be the manifestation of a natural disaster.
Gill Auto I think you should focus on your wardrobe choices before trying to bring about paradise...
Guile Auto Does military service turn all into stubborn mules?
Ibuki Auto Of course Senjutsu seems similar to ninjutsu?the former gave birth to the latter! Oho ho!
Juri Auto You actually intended to harm an old man like me? That's a scary thought! Ohoho!
Kage Auto I do not fear death. It is an old friend of mine.
Karin Auto Ah, to be young and naive and concerned with things like nobility…
Ken Auto That "rising dragon fist" of yours looks nothing like a dragon! Have you not seen one before?
Kolin Auto You're making it too cold for my turtle. He's going to hibernate at this rate...
Laura Auto Judo is all about the hips. You have to move them like THIS and THIS! Are you watching?
Lucia Auto Two things are getting old here: me and your line of questioning.
Luke Auto Another chick has hatched. Shall I live to see him come of age?
M Bison Auto Psycho Power, eh? Impressive, but the way you wield it leaves much to be desired.
Menat Auto So, what does your crystal ball say about my fortune today? I'm no doubt a lucky man! Oho!
Nash Auto You seek vengeance, eh? I won't stop you, but I won't commend you either.
Necalli Auto You have a curious aura about you. It feels...familiar in a way.
Oro Auto I can tell you were rather handsome back in your day, but not as handsome as me.
Poison Auto Wow! If I'd have known such a beauty sooner, I may have never become a hermit! Oho oh!
R Mika Auto If I were a pro wrestler, I think I'd be a crowd-pleasing baby face, don't you?
Rashid Auto Rashid of the Turbulent Wind, eh? I would say you're more "of the Light Breeze"!
Rose Auto Look too far ahead and you may miss your very first step.
Ryu Auto Now then, as promised, you will become my student. Hm? You didn't promise me that?
Sagat Auto If you want me to use both of my arms, then I'm afraid you'll have to try harder!
Sakura Auto You're a student of Ryu's, you say? I suppose that makes you my grandstudent!
Seth Auto You are a machine, yes? You seem well built, but I worry you may be malfunctioning.
Urien Auto I don't know what's troubling you, but live as long as I have and it's all water under the bridge.
Vega Auto True beauty is not concerning oneself with superficial things.
Zangief Auto You do have some impressive musculature. I'm quite proud of my calf muscles. Look!
Zeku Auto I have no need to return to my youth. I only get stronger as the years pass!
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