Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Meat-eat-eat-eat. Delicious-us-us-us.
Akira Auto You and your spirit-irit-irit... Everything of yours I will devour-our-our...
Akuma Auto I need a soul like yours... to devour-our-our.
Alex Auto Yours is an awakened soul. Now fill my st... stomach.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Flail with all your might, but you are po... powerless to resist me.
Birdie Auto My stomach will not be fi...filled by weak souls.
Blanka Auto Must devour-our-our...more soul-oul-ouls...
Cammy Auto Just a small bite... Far too me...meager to stop me.
Chun Li Auto Don't st...struggle. There is no escape from me.
Cody Auto The more you fight-ight-ight... The more I crave your soul-oul-oul...
Dan Auto Devour-our-our...Ack!
Dhalsim Auto Not even the flames of the gods can ha... halt my attack.
E Honda Auto Souls nourish me, not
Ed Auto I am the true darkness. The world's killing intent is mine to devour.
Falke Auto Weak-eak-eak... Your power is not yet tamed...
Fang Auto You cannot hope to da... damage me with the poisons of this world.
G Auto Devour...our-our... Uro!
Gill Auto Oh, this soul! It's like the culmination of time eternal!
Guile Auto Such polished battle techniques de... deserve to be gorged upon.
Ibuki Auto Do not wa... wail so. I will soon co... consume your fledgling soul.
Juri Auto A soul of pure evil... It will no... nourish me well.
Kage Auto Sleep-eep-eep, soulless one...
Karin Auto The powerful are nothing more than my su... sustenance. Such is the way.
Ken Auto Give u...up. I'll dr...drink your flames.
Kolin Auto You will never get anywhere with such a brittle soul-oul-oul.
Laura Auto Such pathetic electric attacks... I can sn... snuff them out with one flick.
Lucia Auto I will devour-our all. Your fate is sealed-ealed...
Luke Auto A young soldier's soul tastes so bitter-itter-itter...
M Bison Auto There is nothing I cannot consume. I will co...consume all.
Menat Auto You... you have... no future. I will devour all!
Nash Auto Living or dead, in my stomach all are equal. There's no es...escape.
Necalli Auto Fake jaws will ne...never consume me.
Oro Auto Old-old-old soul-oul-oul... Getepe!
Poison Auto Light and shadow, I will devour-our-our...
R Mika Auto In my stomach, even the most heroic screams di...dissolve and vanish.
Rashid Auto Not even the most ra... raging gales can dispel my darkness.
Rose Auto I am beyond-ond-ond-ond...time-ime-ime-ime...
Ryu Auto I can he...hear it. The endless killing intent. Must consume...
Sagat Auto Legendary fighter soul-oul! Devour-our!
Sakura Auto Every warrior has their own darkness... Falter, and I will consume your soul-ul ul...
Seth Auto Your corrupt-upt-upt. How pathetic-ic-ic!
Urien Auto I cannot allow a soul as strong as yours to es...escape me.
Vega Auto You can never ho... hope to cut me with such a feeble blade.
Zangief Auto My jaw can re... rend even a body made of steel.
Zeku Auto Return to your aged form. I wish to devour your refined skills...
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