Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Hulking beasts only become targets on the battlefield.
Akira Auto Keep your enthusiasm away from me.
Akuma Auto Just who in the hell are you?
Alex Auto If you're not prepared for death, then never raise your fist against another person again.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto It's time for you to go off to a place where your money and power cannot follow.
Birdie Auto You've managed to become an idiotic pig. What's the point of you staying alive?
Blanka Auto So you were raised in the wild...? Then you must feel right at home in the jungle.
Cammy Auto If you were HIS servant, you are just as guilty. Prepare to repent.
Chun Li Auto Get in my way again, and I'll kill you where you stand.
Cody Auto If you're looking for a fight, the look elsewhere. I don't have time for meaningless squaboles.
Dan Auto Revenge? Hah. You're far too weak for that.
Dhalsim Auto God, huh? Even if there is a god, he's got nothing to do with me.
E Honda Auto Nothing I eat has any taste. Can you imagine what hell that must be?
Ed Auto Old or new... I couldn't care less. Those powers are a travesty.
Falke Auto I won't stop until that power you wield is gone from this world.
Fang Auto Did you really expect your poison to work on me?
G Auto Never waste my time like that again!
Gill Auto I don't know who you are... But I don't need anything from you. Be gone.
Guile Auto I have nothing left to say to you.
Ibuki Auto This is a battlefield. Youth and naivety don't constitute excuses.
Juri Auto You say you enjoy death. It's time to revel in your own.
Kage Auto Unfortunately for you, I know death too well...
Karin Auto Just as confident as ever, I see. That's what caused your downfall.
Ken Auto Family? Friendship? What good comes from those things?
Kolin Auto I'll kill anyone who gets in my way. That includes you.
Laura Auto You can't stop me with mere electricity.
Lucia Auto I advise you to butt out. The police can't handle what's going down.
Luke Auto If you're a military man, I suggest you back off before the darkness gets you.
M Bison Auto I came back to kill you! Nothing more, nothing less...
Menat Auto If you could really see the future, then no one would have to struggle with hardships.
Nash Auto What's happened to my body?
Necalli Auto I have no intention of losing. Especially in a fight between monsters...
Oro Auto Wish I could've grown old in peace, like you...
Poison Auto I didn't come here to play.
R Mika Auto Why are you even here? If you stayed in the ring you could've saved yourself.
Rashid Auto You can't even save yourself... Just who are you trying to help?
Rose Auto I will put a stop to him. My future after that? I don't care.
Ryu Auto That's the power of the Satsui no Hado? I expected more.
Sagat Auto I don't give a damn who you are. Just stay out of my way.
Sakura Auto If you're having doubts, you should give up and go home. This is not a playground.
Seth Auto Are you insane...? Heh. Guess I could ask myself the same question.
Urien Auto You call yourself a god? If gods do exist, then how is it I'm standing here now?
Vega Auto I can read your movements. I've been able to ever since back then.
Zangief Auto A body is good for nothing in the face of death.
Zeku Auto If you're looking for employment, I'd recommend you stay away from my enemies.
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