Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto I read your fortune! Your business is gonna be okay. Be careful not to forget anything though...
Akira Auto I see you being surrounded by women... What could this mean?
Akuma Auto My master told me, there are some powers you should stay far away from. And yours is definitely one of them.
Alex Auto It's hard to see the future of you fighters. I guess because you're always fighting against it?
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Balrog Auto I see a parting from someone important to you in your future. Oh, and financial problems too.
Birdie Auto Your future... I can see it. It's becoming clear. You will... continue to... get fatter.
Blanka Auto Your prospects as a mascot look grim. I can see bargain bins and deep discounts in your future...
Cammy Auto It's not bad to think that you can fight against destiny. But it's also very dangerous...
Chun Li Auto You're like a bright star, fighting against your destiny! I guess it's kinda poetic?
Cody Auto Your career may end sooner than you think. I see shirked responsibilities and anger in your future.
Dan Auto My master warned me about people who mask weakness with folly
Dhalsim Auto My master also tells me to meditate. But, don't you get sleepy?
E Honda Auto Um, sorry, but I don't see worldwide success in your near future...
Ed Auto You will have difficult times ahead... But it's okay! Definitely... Probably... Maybe... I hope?
Falke Auto That power... It's like that of...Bison, was it? I have a feeling I will see more of it in the future...
Fang Auto Hmm. I'm trying to see your future, but all I get is purple smoke. Weird.
G Auto You're working hard on something stupid. Does that make you a hard worker or just stupid?
Gill Auto According to Master, your card is the World. But something seems off about that.
Guile Auto Everyone here is so moody. Geez, does getting older mean becoming a sourpuss?
Ibuki Auto I looked into your future, and saw the perfect boyfriend for you. And... maybe some things are better left unsaid.
Juri Auto So, don't take this the wrong way, okay? But it seems to me that you're actually very lonely.
Kage Auto Master taught me about death; she says that anything without an ending can't begin. Pretty cool, huh?
Karin Auto If Master were here, she'd probably say something like "for those seeking to lead, your greatest enemy is your own inflated ego...
Ken Auto I see two bright stars in the sky, competing to see who burns the brightest! But one seems to be fading out...
Kolin Auto Wow, you're cold! And not just your touch. How very sad.
Laura Auto My crystal ball is telling me... that you're not really the type to believe in crystal balls...
Lucia Auto I can see into your future.. There's a meeting...with an old friend... And
Luke Auto I glimpsed into your future, and drama is very much front and center.
M Bison Auto My Master was worried about this power. So I was kinda expecting more, y'know?
Menat Auto There's no future for fakes! Did you think I wouldn't be able see through you?
Nash Auto It seems you bear a terrible burden. Wow, why is everyone around here so serious?
Necalli Auto Whoa, Master... what did I just fight against?!
Oro Auto Master said that there is much about you she has yet to see.
Poison Auto My master told me, fortune-telling is a guide, but your feet walk the journey.
R Mika Auto I can see a shining future for you as a fighter! But, it's still quite a ways away...
Rashid Auto Hmm? I feel a sense of royalty? Just my imagination, I guess?
Rose Auto I know what you're thinking, Master: "You were amazing. You're the best, Menat." Hee hee.
Ryu Auto So you've been fighting for a really long time... Why not take a nap every now and then?
Sagat Auto I can see you've been through a lot, but your hardship is not yet over...
Sakura Auto If you are troubled, the best path is the forward one." This is my advice, not my Master's.
Seth Auto Master mentioned of someone of your description, but you seem to be more of "some thing"...
Urien Auto You say you're a king, but my Master's tarot cards always had you as the Joker.
Vega Auto If Master were here, she'd probably say, "True beauty is...ah...true beauty is..." Hold on, it's on the tip of my tongue!
Zangief Auto I... don't really think the muscle look suits me. I'm aiming to be as graceful and elegant as my master is.
Zeku Auto Master always says that fate is a fixed line... But I guess you can jump back and forth within it?
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