Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Muscles cannot defeat death!
Akira Auto The cold embrace of death will extinguish the fires of your passion! Geh heh heh!
Akuma Auto I am the power you seek!
Alex Auto Your journey will lead to one place: death!
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Die like the worthless worm you are!
Birdie Auto Stuff yourself to death!
Blanka Auto Death is nature; destruction is necessary.
Cammy Auto Is speed all you have...? Pathetic!
Chun Li Auto Train all you want! You shall wither and die! Kneel before me!
Cody Auto The answer is death!
Dan Auto You are incapable of anything! Let us see if you are able to fear death!
Dhalsim Auto Your efforts are worthless! I am power itself!
E Honda Auto What you call "power" could never stop me!
Ed Auto Bwahaha! The path you walk ends with me!
Falke Auto Belief without strength is meaningless. Now die!
Fang Auto Poison... The smell of death!
G Auto Whoever you are, you should fear me!
Gill Auto That's right... harmony... The balance of death covers all!
Guile Auto Bwahaha! The fear! Your weakness is exposed!
Ibuki Auto Allow me to introduce death!
Juri Auto Did you enjoy yourself? I know I did! Bwahaha!
Kage Auto Bwahaha! Death awaits you!
Karin Auto You reek of fear! You are powerless against me!
Ken Auto Is that it?!
Kolin Auto You have nothing! You ARE nothing!
Laura Auto Throw whatever you like at me! I am too powerful for you!
Lucia Auto The weak shall perish!
Luke Auto Now you know true power: MINE! Bwahaha!
M Bison Auto Yes! Seek power, fear, death! Bwahaha!
Menat Auto Look at me! Death is the only destiny!
Nash Auto The answer you seek is simple... Die!
Necalli Auto Your nihilism speaks to me...but it tells me you are weak!
Oro Auto Bwahaha! Death's finger is reaching out to touch you!
Poison Auto You think you're fearless, but fear is all you exude!
R Mika Auto Rainbows don't shine in hell...
Rashid Auto Turbulents wind?! Bwahaha! More like a light breeze!
Rose Auto Your future contains only death and despair! Embrace them! Fear them! Bwa ha ha ha!
Ryu Auto Say it! Your strength comes from me!
Sagat Auto Come at me all you want! The end result will be the same! I am power!
Sakura Auto You want lesson? This is strength!
Seth Auto Bwahaha! Shunned by both life and death!
Urien Auto Your fists are worthless!
Vega Auto There is no beauty! All shall perish!
Zangief Auto Your muscles are little more than slabs of meat! Bwahaha!
Zeku Auto You shall die and your fighting style with you! Nothing will be left of your existence!
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