Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Enough with annoying car sounds! Let me hear more of your cries of agony...
Akira Auto Awww, such an adorable little family! We'll, the family that fights together, dies together!
Akuma Auto We're done already? And I was just starting to enjoy myself...
Alex Auto You've got plenty more body for me to beat up. Come take some more punishment.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Go on, take another swing. You might have a better chance of hitting me with a broken fist!
Birdie Auto I know better ways to use a chain. Want me to show you?
Blanka Auto Normally, I'm against cruelty to animals, but for you, I'm happy to make an exception!
Cammy Auto I kinda like you. Enough to want to bloody you even more!
Chun Li Auto Be a little more obedient. You want me to like you or not?
Cody Auto You like gettin'n your hands dirty, don't you Mr. Mayor? If you're thirsty for more, I'm happy to oblige...
Dan Auto Tch. Why do I have to waste my time with weak wimps like you?
Dhalsim Auto Where are your gods now? Won't they come help you in your time of need?
E Honda Auto Mmm... There's just so much of you to torture...
Ed Auto Something about you I just don't like. I'm pissed off just looking at ya!
Falke Auto Don't you worry your pretty little head. I'll crush those slimy Shadaloo goons under my foot in no time!
Fang Auto Was it the number 2 you liked? I'll just have to kill you twice, then!
G Auto ...I've dealt with all kinds of losers, but you're on another level.
Gill Auto Emperor? It looks like someone wants to be bullied!
Guile Auto You're supposed to be cool? Army guys are so boring.
Ibuki Auto Tch... A little punk like you is no fun to play with.
Juri Auto Is that all you've got? I expected more from my own dopp�lganger.
Kage Auto Is there any greater pleasure than crushing crap-talkers like you?
Karin Auto There's nothing more satisfying than taking a girl like you down a notch!
Ken Auto Worry too much about your family and you'll lose your edge.
Kolin Auto I've been itching to beat you up since we first met! Turns out you were weaker than I'd hoped...
Laura Auto Killing you will be so worth it. Are there others from Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu?
Lucia Auto What's wrong, my cute, little police dog? Thought you could arrest me?
Luke Auto Another military dropout? Hah! You're too soft!
M Bison Auto This time, it's me who'll be taking your eyes. Hand them over!
Menat Auto Eat dirt, loser! I bet you didn't see that coming!
Nash Auto Your eyes blazed with vengeance. I like that. It even gave me the chills when I trampled them.
Necalli Auto Ahaha! Stand up, you monster! Don't you wanna try and devour me?
Oro Auto Next time, I'll make it so you can't use either arm, gramps!
Poison Auto You don't need a whip to cause exquisite pain.
R Mika Auto Ah... So you're still alive? You've got will power, I'll give you that.
Rashid Auto Wait, are you done already? C'mon, insult me again.
Rose Auto Fortune?! I got your fortune right here: you're gonna die!
Ryu Auto Heh, interesting. I've got even more reason to crush you than before.
Sagat Auto Hahaha! Well, "Sire"? Like being torn to shreds?
Sakura Auto The world of fighting is scary, little girl. Why don't you run home and cry to mommy! Hah hah!
Seth Auto Haha! Look at you! Nothin' but a pile of scrap!
Urien Auto I've a soft spot for kings and gods. I love the look on their faces when I defeat them!
Vega Auto Was it you who hated getting blood on yourself? What if it's your own blood? Is that better?
Zangief Auto Bones are better than muscles. They sound better when they snap.
Zeku Auto Old or young, whatever man. You still got your ass kicked.
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