Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto You really don't need all that power. You must have really bad gas mileage.
Akira Auto Love how you're enjoying life! know any cute guys?
Akuma Auto There's a creepy statue in my hometown with this freaky face... Looks just like you, actually!
Alex Auto Have none of your friends told you not to go out dressed like that?
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto All you talk about is money and killing. Don't you do anything fun?
Birdie Auto Your table manners need some work! You made me lose my appetite!
Blanka Auto You really gross me out, but there's something kinda cute about you too...
Cammy Auto You like cats? What about raccoons? Wanna cuddle my Don-Chan?
Chun Li Auto Why did you join the police? Haven't you ever wanted to do something else?
Cody Auto I'm loving the whole edgy, bad boy heartthrob mayor thing you got going on! It's kinda hot!
Dan Auto I barely even scratch you with a kunai, and you're on the floor.
Dhalsim Auto That fire came from you mouth, right? Do you ever burn your lips?
E Honda Auto Nah, I'm good for being a sumo. I like being able to see my feet.
Ed Auto I mean, you've got the looks, but you seriously gotta work on your conversation skills.
Falke Auto So you're one of those "I fight because I have to" types too, huh?
Fang Auto You underestimated me! Neutralizing poison is a basic ninja technique!
G Auto What?! That fight was being streamed?! You could've told me!
Gill Auto What text? Like a secret scroll or something? Hmm...
Guile Auto Argh! I went too far this time! I'm really sorry! He looks angry...
Ibuki Auto Since you can change into me, how about you go to school in my place?
Juri Auto Why do you try to hurt people? Find a cute boy and treat him nice!
Kage Auto A ninja's taught to walk hand in hand with death... I want to choose a different way.
Karin Auto You're friends with Miss Kasugano? Are all her friends like you!?
Ken Auto It must be tough to be a CEO and a martial artist, but I've got it worse! I'm a ninja and a student!
Kolin Auto Hey! You let all that heat out! You want me to catch a cold?
Laura Auto You have a brother?! How old is he? Is he cute?
Lucia Auto These are kunai, not shuriken. Can't cut a sandwich with a shuriken.
Luke Auto Hmph! They're fireworks, not bombs! And... I'm not some kid, you know!
M Bison Auto Give up on this world domination nonsense already! If you don't, these weird jobs will never end!
Menat Auto I am a little curious about this fortune telling stuff. ...Just a little.
Nash Auto You're handsome, and your voice is pretty cool, but you scare me.
Necalli Auto That was scary! I don't even think he understood a thing I said...
Oro Auto Hey, you look a lot like someone I saw in my ninja academy textbook...
Poison Auto That whip suits you. Not my scene though...
R Mika Auto Don't act all high and mighty just 'cuz you're older than me! I'm a full-fledged ninja!
Rashid Auto Woah! as that a wind art? Can you use ninjustu too?
Rose Auto Seriously?! That's my future?! Even more brutal training?! Count me out!
Ryu Auto Your sleeves are frayed. Don't they get snagged on stuff?
Sagat Auto Y'know, it's no wonder a ninja took you down. Your "King Style" is all standing, trying to look cool.
Sakura Auto Winning,, whatever. Hey, wanna go get some dessert!
Seth Auto Lemme guess. You tried changing your look to seem cuter?!
Urien Auto If you just bark orders like that, no one's gonna listen to you.
Vega Auto My curiosity's killing me! Could you show me the face behind that mask?
Zangief Auto Why are you saying you're gonna throw me like it's a good thing!?
Zeku Auto Hey, could you teach me that youth-restoring jutsu? Seems like it'd come in pretty handy someday...
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