Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Power alone won't suffice. Destiny cannot be denied.
Akira Auto You are free to give in to your trite passions, provided they do not interfere with my plan for salvation.
Akuma Auto So what you desired...
Alex Auto An undiscovered ocean... That's what you desire? Then fight for it as meaningless as it may be.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto A crude desire... I doubt that is what you truly want. You've just yet to discover that which you cherish.
Birdie Auto A prosperous world that knows no famine... It can be yours if you so desire.
Blanka Auto A vulgar beast would be better understand the justness of my harmony.
Cammy Auto If you're tired, you should rest. There's no shame in it. You fought well.
Chun Li Auto Hmm... Do you already possess that which you sought?
Cody Auto I will fight you if you so desire... Not that you stand a chance against a god.
Dan Auto To not know what one seeks...perhaps that too is harmony.
Dhalsim Auto When you close your eyes, all you'll see is me.
E Honda Auto Fighting is a ritual to you? Then offer your prayers to me.
Ed Auto An uncertainty? No, not yet...
Falke Auto I will grant you everything from peace to freedom. Just sleep...
Fang Auto To be mistaken about a kneeling foe... Pathetic.
G Auto An undocumented power... Is this person just a clown, or perhaps...
Gill Auto The time draws ever closer... Our plan must go into motion before this star decays.
Guile Auto You should be with your family... For that is surely what you desire.
Ibuki Auto Friends, love... Mere trivialities. Everything is as it's been written.
Juri Auto You need not be bold or arrogant... Gaze upon me. You're but a mere shadow of myself.
Kage Auto Vacant one... I will grant you your demise.
Karin Auto The Land of Prosperity? Fear not, for it is inside of me.
Ken Auto Hopelessness. Is that what you saw? How fascinating...
Kolin Auto That's right! The time approaches!
Laura Auto You wish to develop your own fighting style? Then put your faith in me, for I am eternal.
Lucia Auto Who am I? I'm the emperor, the savior of the world.
Luke Auto I know what you seek and how your struggle. I can grant what you desire.
M Bison Auto The time is nigh... All uncertainty must be eliminated, no matter how trivial.
Menat Auto You could see if you'd just open your eyes. See my power and what's to come.
Nash Auto Death... If that is the peace you wish for, your wish is my desire.
Necalli Auto .. A variant. It must be removed for the sake of the time to come.
Oro Auto I strive for the higher ideals of peace and harmony, not to stave off boredom.
Poison Auto Is this a show? That's fine. When the times comes, the world will serve as the emperor's stage.
R Mika Auto Glory, victory, comrades... You're welcome to your foolish little dreams.
Rashid Auto There's no need to ask why we fight. Everything will be in harmony when the time comes.
Rose Auto You can see all that has been and will be? Hmm. Intriguing.
Ryu Auto The path... I see. So you've seen it.
Sagat Auto There are heights that mortal men can never hope to achieve... That's what it means to be emperor.
Sakura Auto You seem lost. All you must do is my bidding.
Seth Auto You appear to have no idea who you are.
Urien Auto I, Emperor Gill, will accomplish the grand schemes of our organization. My destiny cannot be altered...
Vega Auto Prostated before me, hanging your head... Truly a thing of beauty.
Zangief Auto If it's a tempered body you seek, you should play with your opponent.
Zeku Auto All living things age, weaken, and die. It's an inescapable fact.
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