Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto What the hell are you? Some kinda robot!?
Akira Auto You bro's a big deal, huh? Lemme at 'im, then!
Akuma Auto Whoa, you're more intense than anyone I've ever fought before. Not afraid to admit I was a little scared there.
Alex Auto Stop wasting away in that trailer. Go out and see the world, or somethin'.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto You never change. That's cool with me though. Catch ya later, man.
Birdie Auto What the... Is that a donut? Seriously? ...You got another one?
Blanka Auto You need to learn to have some respect for people, you stupid furball!
Cammy Auto Forget worrying about others, and try living for yourself for a change!
Chun Li Auto No use getting all hung up on the past. You end up living a pretty boring life.
Cody Auto Who cares about age? A fight's a fight, and I won this one!
Dan Auto I got nothing to learn from a chump like you. Beat it.
Dhalsim Auto I thought you were gonna burn my clothes off! Isn't spitting fire against the rules or something?
E Honda Auto Sumo wrestlin', huh? Interestin'.
Ed Auto This some kinda illusion? Only room in this world for one of me!
Falke Auto Ha! Well, whaddya think? I'm a lot stronger now, right?
Fang Auto You really rub me the wrong way. Brings up unpleasant memories.
G Auto A fighting president? Ha! Tell me another one.
Gill Auto Emperor... President... I got no use for those fancy pants!
Guile Auto Bison? The hell if I know! Don't ask me again!
Ibuki Auto Weapons are prohibited. They didn't teach you that in school?
Juri Auto You are the weirdest chick I've ever met. ...And not in a good way.
Kage Auto I'm lightyears ahead of you, man. You're choking on a mouthful of my dust!
Karin Auto There's nothing elegant 'bout fighting, missy. And I hate your snobbish attitude.
Ken Auto Family, huh? Whatever, man. You do what works for you.
Kolin Auto Do you enjoy toying with people? You suck, lady!
Laura Auto You can't hurt me if you can't catch me. And you are way too slow to catch me.
Lucia Auto I ain't no kid. I ain't no punk. Get lost already!
Luke Auto See what happens when you treat me like some punk kid?!
M Bison Auto Bison! I'll never forgive you! Never show your face before me again!
Menat Auto Hey, fortune cookie girl! I finally found you! Now tell me more about my future!
Nash Auto What's with the doom-and-gloom face? You're making me feel all emo.
Necalli Auto And what's your deal? You remind me of a certain someone.
Oro Auto No mercy, even for a geezer like you! Now get the hell outta my face!
Poison Auto Gotta apologize for bein' a bit rough. That's what you get for havin' a rough upbringin'.
R Mika Auto What exactly is "overselling" the hit? Sorry, I'm not up to speed on wrestling terms.
Rashid Auto Do you have any gadgets that will help you not to suck?
Rose Auto Don't gimme this right-and-wrong crap! I just gotta do what I gotta do!
Ryu Auto If you want to win, use whatever power is available to you. I don't see what's so hard about that.
Sagat Auto Nobody, I mean NOBODY looks down on me!
Sakura Auto Hey, who the hell are YOU calling a kid? Which one of us is still standing, huh?
Seth Auto Shut the hell up! I'm not Bison!
Urien Auto If you can't beat me, then what about your grand plans, huh?
Vega Auto So you're the one they call "Claw," eh? You need more than just speed to beat me.
Zangief Auto Not'd you get so strong anyway? Did you really wrestle with bears?
Zeku Auto Victory is decided by who has the better battle instincts, not who has the longest fighting history.
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