Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name

E Honda

vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto You're built like a truck! You should use your horsepower for sumo!
Akira Auto Look at you! You're a twig! Go fill your belly and we'll fight again!
Akuma Auto he gods watch sumo wrestling. Remember that when you talk about heaven and hell.
Alex Auto That's the spirit! If you stick with me, you'll make a great sumo one day!
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto You need to raise your game if you want to receive fight money! Gwahaha!
Birdie Auto Fighting and eating are important, but so is discipline.
Blanka Auto I like how you keep your center of balance low. How about becoming a sumo wrestler?
Cammy Auto Mind, body, and heart are key to victory. You need to eat more.
Chun Li Auto Solid kicks as always! For a moment, I thought you had me!
Cody Auto Old Tokyo was famous its fires and fights! Modern Tokyo is famous for my bathhouse!
Dan Auto You could carry my fundoshi...or maybe wash dishes after my post-match meal!
Dhalsim Auto You have fire in your belly! The perfect spirit for sumo! Might need to put on a few pounds though...
E Honda Auto I won't rest until sumo wrestling is world famous!
Ed Auto You've got spirit! How about we go another round?!
Falke Auto You seem troubled. Why not relax in a piping hot bath?
Fang Auto Poison has no place in sumo wrestling!
G Auto You think you're President of the World? Ha! It's sumo that rules Earth!
Gill Auto That's just my colors... And you're pretty flashy yourself!
Guile Auto This isn't a war zone... It's a sumo ring!
Ibuki Auto Good agility. You'll need to bulk up to make it it sumo, though.
Juri Auto A sumo wrestler trains themselves to feel no pain!
Kage Auto Sumo has dealt with your evil spirit, demon!
Karin Auto True wealth comes from fighting worthy opponents! You should try sumo wrestling!
Ken Auto Excellent bout! How about becoming a sumo wrestler?
Kolin Auto A steaming hot bath at my bathhouse should warm you up!
Laura Auto Stop trying to steal sumo's thunder with your fighting style!
Lucia Auto You like noodles? Well, to become a sumo, you get to eat all you want! So, how about it?!
Luke Auto If it's power you seek, you've found it! It's called sumo wrestling!
M Bison Auto Mind, body, and heart are key to victory. You lack heart.
Menat Auto The future of sumo is in my hands. And I'm taking it worldwide!.
Nash Auto You need to lighten up. Maybe you're not eating properly. A full belly is a full heart!
Necalli Auto "Devour"? Now you're talking my language! I prefer soul food to souls, though!
Oro Auto You really know how to throw your weight around! And I know a thing or two about that!
Poison Auto If you want to put on a show, then how about taking sumo to Metro City?!
R Mika Auto Not many know about the power of the buttocks! You'd make an excellent sumo wrestler!
Rashid Auto Excellent wind tricks! How did you like my aerial moves?!
Rose Auto I hear you love a good bath! You should take a load off at my bathhouse!
Ryu Auto You're a worthy opponent! How about trying sumo wrestling?
Sagat Auto You have it all: mind, body, and heart!
Sakura Auto Don't worry about your future after graduation. The world of sumo awaits you!
Seth Auto I feel like we've met before. Have you lost weight?!
Urien Auto You may be a king, but I'm king of the ring!
Vega Auto Your bouncing around is impressive, but could you do it with a belly like mine?!
Zangief Auto Muscle on muscle! A clash of the titans! That's the essence of sumo!
Zeku Auto You've got some cunning moves, my friend. I'm more like a bull in a china shop!
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