Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Rigid power cannot win against flowing water. Such is fate.
Akira Auto I see... The affection you have for your brother and friends gives you strength.
Akuma Auto If you obtain the power you seek... Well, you already know what will happen, don't you?
Alex Auto The world is vast. Be not surprised by what lies within arm's reach.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Wealth and strength are fleeting and fragile, as is the life that revolves around them.
Birdie Auto One must learn not only to control the body, but also the appetite.
Blanka Auto The path of a yogi is also one of nature. However, it is not one to be traversed by simple savages like you.
Cammy Auto When you have someone to protect is when you must be at your strongest.
Chun Li Auto Focus unfalteringly on the future. Release the shackles of your past.
Cody Auto You fight, but have you not once pondered WHY you fight?
Dan Auto Ever as loud and graceful as an elephant.
Dhalsim Auto A battle with my own self... This too is a trial from the gods.
E Honda Auto You must eat a lot to maintain your size. How about trying some of my wife's food?
Ed Auto Do not entrust your fate to fortune. You still have a future ahead of you.
Falke Auto To worry is to be human. I know some techniques that can help ease your troubled mind.
Fang Auto So, you too have fallen victim to the powers of darkness...
G Auto I do not sense evil in you... to fight is to obey the great Agni's will.
Gill Auto Is this Agni? No... But there is something profound about this individual.
Guile Auto Your strength is in your family. Do not forget that again.
Ibuki Auto We all have a duty to perform, from which none of us can ever run away.
Juri Auto The darkness you create yourself makes you a truly fearful child.
Kage Auto The teaching of yoga go beyond death.
Karin Auto Power comes not from seeking strength alone. But, you already seem to have realized that.
Ken Auto Your power lies in your desire to protect your family.
Kolin Auto Blind faith can discover nothing. You must find the truth with your own eyes.
Laura Auto Your power comes from your indomitable spirit.
Lucia Auto My body and mind I shaped with yoga. I am not your enemy.
Luke Auto I perform no trickery. You have bore witness to the power of yoga.
M Bison Auto Ultimate power has its price. You walk the path of destruction.
Menat Auto You do not yet have the skill to look past the abyss, into the future. You must continue your training...
Nash Auto I see vengeance burning within you. You must not submit to that dark inferno.
Necalli Auto Modern-day life requires a strong spirit. You will not be taking mine.
Oro Auto I thank you for this opportunity, old friend.
Poison Auto The path ahead can never be conquered if you run in the wrong direction.
R Mika Auto This fire is not for show, but of the hidden techniques of Yoga.
Rashid Auto Defeat is but a minor distraction. Fight on, and the wind will ever be your ally.
Rose Auto All is as the god Agni fortells.
Ryu Auto Hurry not, and be patient in seeking an answer, and it will reveal itself.
Sagat Auto You have a path to follow... As do I, with yoga in my heart.
Sakura Auto To experience doubt is a part of growing up. All will be as the great Agni has envisioned it to be."
Seth Auto I pity you. Reduced to nothing more than an empty vessel...
Urien Auto Just as you cannot restrain me, the hearts of humankind cannot be bound by power alone.
Vega Auto Such blinkered eyes as yours can never perceive true beauty.
Zangief Auto The techniques of Yoga cannot be grasped by brute force alone.
Zeku Auto Yet another new fighting style I have encountered. Truly, the world is vast.
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