Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto You don't need to be as huge as a house to be strong. You need heart, and I got lots of that!
Akira Auto Lucky for you and your bro, I'm offering a special siblings deal for my dojo! Join now to get a free Saikyo-boy doll!
Akuma Auto Yeowch! You hit me so hard I think I'm seein' stars!
Alex Auto You're livin' out of a trailer? I know what it's like not havin' a home. Wanna come to my dojo?
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto You gotta be cool to be a winner! So basically, you gotta be me!
Birdie Auto You're proud of that hairdo?! Actually, uh, let's not talk about hair...!
Blanka Auto Atta boy, Jimmy! I knew I made the right choice pickin' you as a student of the Saikyo-Style!
Cammy Auto One of these days I'm gonna get you to join the Saikyo-Style! Just you wait!
Chun Li Auto C'mon, give it a rest, lady! What're you investigatin' me for?!
Cody Auto If you can go from punk to politician, then I got nowhere to go but up!
Dan Auto You can talk the talk, but you can't walk the walk! Jeez, what a letdown!
Dhalsim Auto You're definitely Saikyo mater�do you smell burning? Wait, it's me! Ow ow hot hot hot HOT!
E Honda Auto Alright! Match over! Now, show me where you sumo guys get your grub!
Ed Auto Ah, so young and so full of promise... Lookin' for some tips? Just ask ol' Dan here!!
Falke Auto It's tough bein' young and on the road. The Saikyo Dojo's always there if you need it.
Fang Auto You don't need poison�an expired bento box will do the trick. Trust me...
G Auto President of the World, huh? I'm Dan Hibiki of Saikyo fame! But you knew that already
Gill Auto Takes a strong man to pull off the loincloth look, but it takes a stronger man to beat me!
Guile Auto Looks like I won this one. Go home and be a family man!
Ibuki Auto Stabbin' someone in the head with a kunai is not cool! That woulda been deadly for anyone else!
Juri Auto Really leanin' hard into that psychopath shtick, huh? I'd dial it back a little, sister.
Kage Auto Damn, you're one scary dude, you know that? Bet you wish you were scary strong like me!
Karin Auto You wanna study the Saikyo-Style, right? Well, you passed the initial test! Go ahead and apply!!
Ken Auto You may be a good-lookin' rich, ladies' man, but you're no match for me ! Chew on THAT!
Kolin Auto Your moves are freezin' cold...! Hey, y'know, the Saikyo Dojo needs an air conditioner...
Laura Auto Tryin' to spread the word about your style, huh? Well, Saikyo's got yours beat!
Lucia Auto I promised my father I wouldn't cause trouble for the cops... So, um, we cool...?
Luke Auto You wanna know true strength? I'm right here, dude! Feast your eyes!
M Bison Auto Whoa, you're STILL a big-time crime boss? Give it up already!
Menat Auto I don't need you to read my fortune. Saikyo-Style's gonna take the world by storm!
Nash Auto Don't take this the wrong way, but you kinda look like a zombie. You okay?
Necalli Auto I know all about devourin'! I stuff my face all the time, even when I'm not hungry!
Oro Auto Senjutsu's got nothin' on Dan-jutsu! An by that I mean Saikyo-Style!
Poison Auto That whip your weapon of choice? I got a favorite weapon too: my awesome bod!
R Mika Auto Hah! You think you can out-flash me? Saikyo-Style's got more flash than lightning!
Rashid Auto You're streamin' this? Ahem, hey, world! The Saikyo Dojo's lookin' for new applicants!
Rose Auto I-I actually won. H-Hey, stop giving me that look! You're creepin' me out!
Ryu Auto I'm always serious. Seriously the best!
Sagat Auto Some emperor you are. Consider my father avenged!
Sakura Auto Look at you! You finished school, got a job... I'm so proud of you! I'll, uh, pay you back later.
Seth Auto You lookin' for combat data? C'mere, I'll install the Saikyo-Style onto your system!
Urien Auto What's with the badass 'tude? You gotta have the skills to earn that!
Vega Auto Kind of a borin' mask you got there, chief. If you want, I can get you a WAY cooler one!
Zangief Auto Being' strong isn't about havin' big muscles. It's about whether or not you're the best!
Zeku Auto Ninjutsu's nothin' but smoke 'n' mirrors if you ask me. Saikyo-Style's where it's really at!
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