Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name

Chun Li

vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Well, aren't you the violent criminal. Cool off a bit, then we'll talk.
Akira Auto You have strong fighter instincts. How about training with me?
Akuma Auto Your power's incredible... Makes me want to work on my kung fu...
Alex Auto Your combos are a little wild, but I'll admit, you've got talent.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Do you understand now that brute force alone will not beat me?
Birdie Auto Looks like your personality and physique got... larger than life.
Blanka Auto What's kung fu, you ask? You don't seem capable of the necessary discipline.
Cammy Auto We haven't met outside of work in awhile. Maybe now you can take a breather.
Chun Li Auto My Kung-Fu can't be defeated by a mere imitator!
Cody Auto The mayor's office is no place for a ruffian like you.
Dan Auto Sorry. You were acting suspicious, so I kicked you. It's what I do.
Dhalsim Auto I've always wondered, do your arms ever get tangled?
E Honda Auto I think this battle entitles me to a free trip to your bathhouse.
Ed Auto You were a member of Shadaloo? Are they still active?
Falke Auto I'm sorry to hear what you've been through, but your connections to Shadaloo can't be overlooked.
Fang Auto That character on your shirt... That's not even how you spell "Two"... Are you even Chinese?
G Auto Not sure what this about, but it looks like I won. Nothing personal.
Gill Auto Savior? God? I wonder...
Guile Auto Neither of us must give up until the day Shadaloo falls.
Ibuki Auto Why aren't you in school? Don't you need permission to engage in extracurricular activities?
Juri Auto If we both lost the same thing, then why are we so different?
Kage Auto True strength comes from improving yourself regardless of death.
Karin Auto That's what I've come to expect! Of course, I can't just let you win.
Ken Auto At this rate your son's going to surpass you in no time!
Kolin Auto Who are you? That strange power you possess tells me you're no ordinary girl...
Laura Auto I think I've seen your name on a missing persons form... Maybe not.
Lucia Auto Excellent kicks. Metro City P.D trained you well.
Luke Auto You leave yourself far too open... A sign of your youth, I suppose.
M Bison Auto As long as Shadaloo exists, I'll keep fighting!
Menat Auto My destiny is to continue fighting? I already knew that. I won't stop until I'm the last woman standing.
Nash Auto Hands behind your back! You're under arrest!
Necalli Auto This sense of misfortune in your energy... What on Earth are you?
Oro Auto I fight for justice and to protect those I care about.
Poison Auto You fought well. There's more to you than meets the eye.
R Mika Auto That's the spirit! But shout too much and you'll wear yourself out!
Rashid Auto You're looking for someone too? I hope you get them back safely.
Rose Auto I know I'm destined to fight, but I WILL put an end to it someday!
Ryu Auto You've gotten stronger since we last met. Keep it up!
Sagat Auto Looks like you've done some serious training, but then again, so have I.
Sakura Auto Nice moves! I can tell you've been taking your training more seriously.
Seth Auto Copying moves isn't the same as knowing them.
Urien Auto You don't seem to be just another suspect. Maybe we can work together...
Vega Auto I have no desire to listen to your babbling any longer!
Zangief Auto Strength isn't all about bulk. Flexibility is important. too!
Zeku Auto I wonder, how much does a person change over time? I feel like I haven't changed much over the past couple of decades now...
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