Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Being bigger can make you stronger, but it won't always help you survive...
Akira Auto *sniff, sniff* You must know Sakura! Here, have this Blanka-chan doll!
Akuma Auto There's something strange about your power, but it doesn't scare me!
Alex Auto *sniff, sniff* You smell like a mixture of plants and grease.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto We beasts can be savage, but we're not mean. That's what makes me different from you.
Birdie Auto In the jungle, it's eat or be eaten. But eating too much makes you fat.
Blanka Auto There's only one king of the jungle, and that's ME! Uwoh, uwoh, uwoh!
Cammy Auto Cats are indeed noble animals... But tigers are on a whole other level!
Chun Li Auto Train all you want, but you're nothing without nature on your side.
Cody Auto Uwoh, uwoh! No chains can hold a beast like me!
Dan Auto My style is not Saikyo-Style.
Dhalsim Auto I worship the jungle... Nature is like my second mother.
E Honda Auto If sumo doesn't allow electric attacks, then I'm not interested.
Ed Auto I was already thriving in the jungle when I was about your age.
Falke Auto You like cute things? Here, I'll give you a Blanka-chan doll!
Fang Auto I've dealt with scarier things than you in the jungle...
G Auto Hey, are you recording this? If lots of people watch, will that make me popular?
Gill Auto Try living in the jungle! Now that's harmony for you!
Guile Auto The jungle waits for no one--thinking too much will get you killed!
Ibuki Auto You think raccoons are cute? Blanka-chan's much cuter!
Juri Auto You're like an injured animal. I feel bad for you.
Kage Auto You want strength? How about me?! Mama?! Grahoooh!
Karin Auto The king of the jungle wins again!
Ken Auto Uwoh, uwoh! City's life made you soft!
Kolin Auto I don't like the cold. I much prefer the heat of the jungle.
Laura Auto You're from my neighborhood, so you should come visit sometime. That would make my Mama happy.
Lucia Auto In the jungle, you don't have police to protect you. You protect yourself.
Luke Auto I'm king of the jungle. My strength earned me the title.
M Bison Auto I hate you. Leave me alone.
Menat Auto I already know my future... I'm gonna be famous and make my Mama proud!
Nash Auto Spite... Hatred... That won't get you very far in the jungle.
Necalli Auto You want to devour me? That makes sense. We all eat, then eventually get eaten. That's nature.
Oro Auto You're strong for a turtle-like beast. But I'm an even stronger beast!
Poison Auto I look like a beast because I am one! I'm wilder than you can imagine!
R Mika Auto You're fighting to become famous...? I wanna be famous too! Uwoh, uwoh!
Rashid Auto I'm not a mascot! I'm the king of the jungle!
Rose Auto I can see the future, too! A clear night means good weather tomorrow!
Ryu Auto We beasts are natural-born fighters! Uwohh!
Sagat Auto For me, a tiger's just a regular cat.
Sakura Auto I can't hold anything back, even with friends. The jungle doesn't play favorites, so neither do I!
Seth Auto Are you broken? Maybe you got sick?
Urien Auto Acting tough like you do is what weak animals do to appear strong.
Vega Auto We beasts of the wild don't need to try and look cool--we're naturally good-looking!
Zangief Auto I'm as strong as a bear, and my claws and fangs can cut through steel!
Zeku Auto Old, weakened animals are destined to eventually disappear quietly...
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