Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Jus' what the hell are you eatin' to get so big? Even I got my limits.
Akira Auto I'm Hank Marvin after al that scrippin'. Know any good cake shops 'round 'ere, luv?
Akuma Auto Nobody bloody told me you'd be here! That reminds me... I'm starving! Someone get me some grub now!
Alex Auto That haircut, those clothes... You're completely broke, aintch'ya?
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto You call yourself an "elite"? I was right to quit Shadaloo!
Birdie Auto Tryin' to pinch my grub? You've got guts! No smarts, though.
Blanka Auto The jungle, eh? Whaddya do for grub there? ...Pirarucu? That sounds kinda good, mate!
Cammy Auto I think I recognize that face of yours. Hey, you one of 'em dolls, ain't ya?
Chun Li Auto I told you, I ain't done a bloody thing! You cops got nothin' on me!
Cody Auto Yer a right soft'un since ya lost yer 'andcuffs!
Dan Auto I ain't losin' to a weak-hairdo-havin' mug like you.
Dhalsim Auto I-it burns! H-he can spit fire! What'll I do if he singes my hair?!
E Honda Auto What's with the nappy, mate?! Go get me some grub, before you pee yerself!
Ed Auto Hey, stop bobbin' around so much! You're makin' me hungry again...
Falke Auto A fellow Shadaloo dropout, eh? That lot don't know their arse from their elbow, but they've got good grub!
Fang Auto I ain't never goin' back to Shadaloo! Not with you around!
G Auto Who is this clown? If this's some kinda carnival, that means there's grub 'round 'ere, right?
Gill Auto Is the world full of fools? Well, I guess you can't eat unless you're hungry.
Guile Auto What's with that hairdo? Are you tryin' to threaten me?
Ibuki Auto Tyin' up a single ninja with my chain'll be a walk in the park!
Juri Auto Hey, are you tryin' to mess up my hair with them kicks, or what?
Kage Auto I live for grub. You keep your mouth shut and squirm!
Karin Auto That's enough grapplin' for today. Now, let me have my dinner!
Ken Auto People like you ain't my cup of tea. Having that money and status!
Kolin Auto "Systema"? What's that? Can I eat it?
Laura Auto You want me to join Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu? Is there food involved?
Lucia Auto Oi! What you staring at? I ain't on no wanted poster!
Luke Auto Lookin' to get stronger? You ain't got the stomach for it, mate.
M Bison Auto I'm done with Shadaloo. You're just another enemy now!
Menat Auto Fortune? Oh, you mean those cookies? They're delicious, but I always forget to take the paper out...
Nash Auto Your face... Did you go up against Shadaloo and lose or sumthin'?
Necalli Auto Ugh, what in the hell are you? Are you even human?
Oro Auto Bugger. I was hopin' you'd have some grub or sumfin' on ya...
Poison Auto Look, luv. I ain't botherin' with wrestlin' if I've gotta practice.
R Mika Auto Wrestlin'? Not interested. You've got any grub, have ya?
Rashid Auto My hairdo's perfect! But yours ain't half bad either.
Rose Auto You want me to shed a few stone, eh? What, you fancy a date with me or somethin'?
Ryu Auto A fight's just another type of food! There's no meaning to it, mate!
Sagat Auto Trainin'? Not my thing, mate.
Sakura Auto What's the big deal about dieting? You need to eat if you want to be powerful!
Seth Auto Oi, sumfin' ain'r right 'bout you, mate, and I ain't talkin' 'bout your 'dew.
Urien Auto Why the heck is everyone so bleedin' smug?
Vega Auto I can show off my hairdo anytime. Not like you and your face...
Zangief Auto I don't need no course in muscle building. You move some, then eat!
Zeku Auto Ibuki showed me some of those ninja meals, but man, it was nasty! Tasted like medicine. No thank you!
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