Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto How'd ya like that? I punched ya into worthless scrap!
Akira Auto I ain't hittin' no brakes! I'm just gonna keep ridin' on!
Akuma Auto "Master of the Fist"? What a joke! You punch like a lightweight at best.
Alex Auto You're not just a pathetic fighter, but a penniless loser, too!
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Of all the faces I wanna smash, a copycat's is right at the top!
Birdie Auto A coward like you dares to show his face? Go die in a ditch somewhere!
Blanka Auto Enough with the monkey noises! The only thing I want to hear is the sound of you kissing my feet!
Cammy Auto I wish you wouldn't break so easily, like some pathetic rag doll!
Chun Li Auto Take a good look at yourself! A dumb cop can't touch me!
Cody Auto The ring's no place for a punk politician like you!
Dan Auto You wanna look cool? I did you a favor and rearranged your face with my fists! Happy now?
Dhalsim Auto The gods? They ain't worth jack!
E Honda Auto Have 'em bury you under your fancy sumo ring! IF they can find your pieces!
Ed Auto You're still a weak little punk! Come back after ya train some more!
Falke Auto If you wanna talk about how I fight, then maybe you oughta learn how to fight first!
Fang Auto This is the last time I'll have to look at that ugly mug of yours. Filthy scum.
G Auto "Let's Fight"? More like "Let's Faint"!
Gill Auto Hope? I'll smash you into the ground!
Guile Auto Now that I've pummeled you, my mission's complete!
Ibuki Auto Little brat! I'm gonna hit you so hard, you'll never move again!
Juri Auto What's it like to be on the hurtin' side for once?
Kage Auto Satsui? You kiddin' me?! Look at you!
Karin Auto You're rich, so you know how this goes down, right? Now hand over your cash!
Ken Auto Your face looks better all beat up like that. Why not show it to that little brat of yours?
Kolin Auto I hate people like you - poor AND powerless! Don't let me catch sight of you again!
Laura Auto It's all over for you and your miserable fighting school.
Lucia Auto If you wanna arrest me, you gotta at least bring the whole police force!
Luke Auto Quit jumpin' and die already!
M Bison Auto Don't act so high and mighty, you twerp! Starting today, I'm number one!
Menat Auto You don't know 'nuthin. You're just a fake!
Nash Auto How's it feel to be killed twice?
Necalli Auto Ugh! You're a freak! I was right to crush you!
Oro Auto I don't care if you're old or only usin' one arm. You ain't gettin' mercy from me!
Poison Auto Take your lame-ass show to another town!
R Mika Auto Why are you quiet all of a sudden? What's the matter, jaw not working?
Rashid Auto You look like you carry cash. Now hand it over. All of it!
Rose Auto Get the hell outta my face, witch! No way you're scammin' me!
Ryu Auto Piss me off and I've got no problem punching your lights out!
Sagat Auto Next time, watch yer mouth! Nobody looks down on me!
Sakura Auto You're pathetic! Was this supposed to be a play-fight? Get outta here with that nonsense!
Seth Auto Tch. You ain't even worth a dime.
Urien Auto If you're tired of gettin' beat, shut your mouth and gimme your money!
Vega Auto How does it feel to have your pride and your nose broken?
Zangief Auto Even pure muscle makes good dog food if you mince it up right!
Zeku Auto Did ya think I wouldn't hit'cha cause you're old? Think again, ya dumb old fart!
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