Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Horsepower's important, but so is technique. That's true for bikes AND fights!
Akira Auto A-Agh! Imposters! My brother's a lot cooler looking than that!
Akuma Auto Your scary face's got nothing on my brother's when he's mad!
Alex Auto My friend is a huge fan. Do you think I could get your autograph?
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Hey, even a bike with no brakes eventually runs outta gas!
Birdie Auto I know someone who's way better with a chain than you. She could teach you a thing or two.
Blanka Auto A Blanka-chan doll? How cute! I'll chain it to my bag and take it with me everywhere!
Cammy Auto You shouldn't look so serious all the time. Maybe a nice piece of cake'll cheer you up!
Chun Li Auto Finally, I got to go up against a real Kung Fu fighter. I feel like I've learned a lot!
Cody Auto You're going to have to do better than that to beat me. I know my way around a knife fight.
Dan Auto Wow, so the rumors were true. Saikyo-Style really is a knockoff version of Master's Karate.
Dhalsim Auto I've got a fire so hot inside me, I barely felt your flames.
E Honda Auto Um, are you really a sumo wrestler, or do you only work as a punching bag for the real ones?
Ed Auto I don't lose to punches with no soul or passion in them! Try fighting like you mean it!
Falke Auto "I've got my friends and I got my enemies! And now, starting today, I've got a new rival!
Fang Auto I fight fair and square with love and passion! Of course a no-good cheater like you lost!
G Auto You're the President of the World? Never heard of that. My brother's a better leader than you!
Gill Auto Not much of an emperor, are you? I've had teachers who are more emperor-like than you.
Guile Auto Wow, that hair... How do you put a helmet on?
Ibuki Auto Wait, where have I seen that uniform before...?
Juri Auto Wow, you're kinda mean. Seijun High'll teach you some manners!
Kage Auto Ryu? W-Wait, have you been...brainwashed...? No, that can't be it...
Karin Auto So is it a hard-and-fast rule that all high-class ladies like you have that hairstyle?
Ken Auto Y'know, I thought my friend was stronger than me from taking the Masters Online Karate course. Guess I was wrong.
Kolin Auto Brr! I'm freezing! Where'd I put my bike gear...?
Laura Auto Matsuda Jiu-Jitsu? Sorry, but my jam's the legendary Daigo Kazama Style!
Lucia Auto W-Wait, I have a motorcycle license! I swear I didn't break any traffic laws, officer!
Luke Auto Nobody beats me in a test of nerve!
M Bison Auto Stare at me like that all you want. I've got justice on my side!
Menat Auto You're a fortune teller, huh? What should I ask you...? Oh, I know! Ask your crystal ball what I should ask you!
Nash Auto Hey cheer up! Could be worse. You could be dead!
Necalli Auto You keep going about "devouring." If you're hungry, I can show you where to get some awesome cakes!
Oro Auto You may be tough, but my brother's way tougher!
Poison Auto Don't give up! It's a burning desire and passion that keeps fighters going and helps them understand each another.
R Mika Auto Wow, I love your passion and energy! You almost made me lose focus!
Rashid Auto You call that a turbulent wind? I've taken on stronger headwinds on my bike.
Rose Auto If my brother goes running off somewhere again, please use your powers to tell me where he is!
Ryu Auto So you're who Sakura keeps going on about. It was an honor to fight you!
Sagat Auto Looks like you need more training. I'll let my brother know you're going to need his help.
Sakura Auto Heh heh! I'm a lot stronger now, right? I've got you to thank for that!
Seth Auto Your punches lack soul. Do you even have one?
Urien Auto That tough-guy shtick is so outdated. I'd keep quiet if I were you!
Vega Auto How can you talk about true beauty, when you don't know anything about love and friendship?!
Zangief Auto You think I should bulk up...? Nah, I'm fine like this.
Zeku Auto I mean, like, what? Y-You can transform into your younger self? You ninjas are full of surprises...
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