Street Fighter 5 Winning Quotes

A compilation of the winning quotes from the best fighting game on PlayStation 4 and Steam.

Season Fighter Name


vs Opponent Quote Type Winning Quote
Abigail Auto Braaaaawr! I'm the most powerful!
Akira Auto That's a sweet bike you got! But it needs more horsepower! I wanna hear more like VRRROOOM!!
Akuma Auto The Satsuinowhatsit? Killing wha? All that talk, and you broke like a side-view mirror!
Alex Auto Good power, but fix that engine first. Then we can talk.
All Generic 1
Balrog Auto Try bobbing and weaving more. At least try not to meet my fist with your face so much.
Birdie Auto You should diet. Your movements are all dull and slow.
Blanka Auto Whoa, what's with that spark? You got a car battery in your pocket or something? You gotta be careful with those things!
Cammy Auto You sting like a bee, all right. A little baby bee.
Chun Li Auto Keep your nose outta my business, copper. I'm totally legit now.
Cody Auto Hey, I'm a law abidin' citizen! I pay my taxes just like everyone else!
Dan Auto What the hell's wrong with you? You missin' a few parts or somethin'?
Dhalsim Auto Sorry pops, I don't speak enlightened gibberish.
E Honda Auto Hey, sumo guy. You're built like a truck, but you've got no horsepower!
Ed Auto All you psychopaths runnin' around. Ya'll need therapy, or somethin'.
Falke Auto You rely on that sicko or whatever power too much. You need more horses under that hood of yours for that!
Fang Auto Poison? Nah. You're the least dangerous poison I've ever come across.
G Auto President of the World? You're jerkin' my chain!
Gill Auto Is that a custom paint job? The contents don't match its exterior!
Guile Auto Thought you could win, soldier boy? Better luck next time, bwa ha ha ha!
Ibuki Auto I didn't even feel a thing. Moves are useless without power behind em.
Juri Auto I thought you were revved up, but you ran out of gas so quickly! You need more vroom vroom!
Kage Auto What's this crap about Satsui? You'd pull a muscle poppin' a hood!
Karin Auto Who're you, actin' all high and mighty? I'll kick your ass...
Ken Auto Hmph! I ain't got no time to play with rich little puff dolls.
Kolin Auto My engines are anti-freeze! Ha! Bwa ha ha! Man, I'm funny!
Laura Auto I ain't never heard of your style. Unless it's called suck.
Lucia Auto Another cop trying to stick their nose into my business. I'm legit now, so get lost.
Luke Auto What good's a flashy car if it ain't got power under the hood?!
M Bison Auto Psycho whadyacallit? You think being all sparkly makes you strong?
Menat Auto Why don'cha use that crystal ball of yours to see if you can win before you challenge someone?
Nash Auto Why so moody, pal? Try smiling! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Necalli Auto Eat? What are you going on about? You don't make a lick of sense!
Oro Auto You ain't half bad for a junker!
Poison Auto Not interested in workin' on the road with you, but come visit my workshop anytime.
R Mika Auto You could tone it down a few notches. Jus' sayin.
Rashid Auto What'd you expect? Dance around like a bug and I'm gonna flick you away!
Rose Auto Guess you can't predict when I'm gonna crash into ya!
Ryu Auto Balance? What? Who needs that!
Sagat Auto You're a junker. Scrapheap's watin' for you, buddy.
Sakura Auto Strength is power! Horsepower! Torque! ...And some other stuff too, I guess.
Seth Auto You could use a major tune-up!
Urien Auto You can't really talk about being a ruler until you get more power, y'hear?
Vega Auto Hey. You lost all your equipment. Ya dumb bastard.
Zangief Auto How. Many. Times. Must. I. Say! We are NOT muscle buddies!
Zeku Auto All them fancy ninja moves... I coulda swore I've seen them before...
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